Lufthansa raises fuel tax on long-haul

In response to the dramatic rise in oil prices, which have hit new record highs in recent days, Lufthansa is increasing its fuel charge for long-haul flights by ten euros.The fuel surcharge on long-haul tickets sold on or after 5 May will thus be raised to 62 euros per flight leg.

The previous surcharge will apply to all tickets issued on or before 5 May. The surcharge on domestic German and intra-European routes will remain unchanged at twelve euros per flight leg.

Thanks to its forward-looking fuel-hedging policy and its modern, fuel-efficient fleet, Lufthansa is in a relatively good position compared with its competitors.

However, the steadily increasing price of oil is continuing to exert pressure on the airline’s expenditure. Lufthansa continuously monitors oil prices and will apply the latest surcharge until the price of aircraft fuel on the spot markets has once again stabilised.