Naverus to work with IATA

Naverus has entered into a
working relationship with the International Air Transport Association to accelerate deployment of performance-based navigation solutions
worldwide.This initiative was announced during IATA’s 2006 Ops Forum held
this month in Singapore.
  Naverus, experts in aviation navigation, shares IATA’s vision that
performance-based navigation is a critical part of the “roadmap” for
aviation—and one that needs to be advanced aggressively worldwide.
Specific projects have been identified on several continents where Naverus’
efforts can provide significant benefits in safety and efficiency for
  “Performance-based navigation is a fundamental element for a single,
safe and efficient sky,” said Dan Gerrity, Naverus CEO, “and this working
relationship will facilitate the rapid realization of huge economic and
safety gains for airlines internationally.” In 2005 the annual fuel bill
for airlines was approximately USD $92 billion based on an average $57 per
barrel for oil. Naverus expects that in five years, everyone will be flying
Required Navigation Performance (RNP) procedures. “The only question,”
observes Gerrity, “is how much fuel we will burn between now and
operational approval.”
  “IATA is committed to ensure a navigation infrastructure that is safe,
cost effective and efficient. Through this working relationship with
Naverus, we will accelerate our industry’s deployment of RNP and Area
Navigation (RNAV) as part of IATA’s One sky… global ATM strategy,” said
Gunther Matschnigg, IATA Senior Vice President for Safety, Operations &
Infrastructure. Performance-based navigation such as RNP and RNAV enhances
the safety and efficiency of airline operations, producing significant and
immediate financial savings and operational benefits for airlines.