Online advertising marketplace launches

Quigo is partnering with to launch the travel information publisher’s new
pay-per- click contextual advertising marketplace.This new advertising
marketplace will use a private label version of Quigo’s AdSonar platform.
Because Lonely Planet does not accept advertising in its popular series of
travel guidebooks, this partnership will be the first opportunity for
advertisers to associate with the Lonely Planet brand and to interact with
their premium online audience.
Cameron Holland, Lonely Planet’s VP of e-commerce, said:
“’s new partnership with Quigo enables us to offer our
travel- related advertisers a unique opportunity to communicate with
curious, independent, socially-aware travelers who are actively engaged in
researching and planning their next trip.” Holland added: “Quigo’s
contextual, targeted advertising marketplace and its unique private label
approach allow us to build our own advertiser asset base and maximize the
value of our brand.”
  “We are delighted to add Lonely Planet to Quigo’s AdSonar family of the
web’s most recognized brands. It is a great example of a unique, online
property that is extremely attractive to advertisers,” said Henry Vogel,
Quigo’s Chief Revenue Officer. “Advertisers will now have access to a
highly targeted, performance-based auction advertising marketplace on one
of the best adventure travel sites on the Web.”