Mexicana adopts Worldspan repricing

Worldspan has announced that Mexicana Airlines has chosen to adopt
Worldspan Rapid Reprice,a solution for repricing airline tickets when traveler itineraries change.The first tool of its kind to be deployed worldwide by major carriers,
Rapid Reprice is in use by most major U.S. airlines, several of the world’s
largest travel Web sites, as well as corporate travel departments and a
growing number of travel agencies.
  Rapid Reprice reduces airline costs by automating a lengthy manual
process and drives considerable incremental revenue to the airline by
returning a new, accurate ticket price in seconds, including appropriate
fares, taxes, additional collections or refunds, and applicable penalties
or administrative fees.
  Mexicana will implement the technology system wide, enabling accurate,
timesaving Rapid Reprice functionality to be used by all airline
reservations and ticket agents, consumers arranging travel at
and at self- service airport kiosks.
  “We are interested in deploying any technology that is guaranteed to
help an airline operate more efficiently in today’s environment, lower
transaction costs and serve travelers with greater speed and accuracy.
Rapid Reprice is absolutely one of those solutions and we look forward to
realizing the benefits of the market leader in repricing technology,” said
Sergio Allard, chief sales and marketing officer for Mexicana.
  “Rapid Reprice continues Worldspan’s track record of being consistently
first to market with carrier-centric products, including our fares and
pricing, and E-Ticket Technologies,” said Kevin Ficco, Worldspan vice
president - Airline Distribution and Business Development. “Worldspan
continues to develop products that help airlines achieve their corporate
objectives of reducing expenses and improving revenues.”
  More than 45 million Rapid Reprice transactions have been processed
since the product was introduced in 2001. In addition to being the first
automated airline ticket repricing tool, Rapid Reprice is also the first
solution of its kind to integrate 13 months of historical fare and rule
data into the repricing process, and first to integrate fare and rule data
from Airline Tariff Publishing Company’s (ATPCO) Voluntary Changes,
Voluntary Cancels, Net Fares, Private Fares and Fare-by-Rule categories. It
is also first to use the Electronic Ticket Record (ETR) to compare old and
new itineraries for the most current, accurate itinerary information.
  Airline reservations and ticket agents increase productivity by up to
75 percent using Rapid Reprice, compared to the manual process. Keystrokes
are reduced from approximately 500 to fewer than 10, and total transaction
time is cut from 30 minutes or more to less than one minute.