SAGA Holidays Online

Saga Holidays and British Airways are joining forces to launch a brand new Internet travel service targeted at the over 50s.
The new site,, will offer flights with British Airways and other airlines, with a huge choice of worldwide flight destinations at low prices, negotiated specially for Saga customers. Offers will be available on both short and long haul routes and in both economy and business classes.
All advertised fares will be genuinely available for immediate booking, avoiding the frustration experienced by customers of many travel websites who often discover that advertised “bargains” are not available.
The new partnership brings together two organisations of proven reputation, trusted by millions of travellers each year. British Airways is seeking to increase the number of bookings made on-line, and Saga already has access to over six million customers over the age of fifty, who are using the Internet in growing numbers. So both organisations are confident that the site will become a key on-line travel service.
People aged fifty plus now make up nearly 33% of the UK population and hold 80% of the country`s private wealth. Tom Wright, Managing Director of Saga Holidays said: “Our research shows that many of our customers have the time and the interest to surf the Internet. We estimate nearly 20% of our customers are already on-line and 10,000 over 50s are logging on for the first time every week.