Travel Sites Satisfy!

Overall, consumer satisfaction is higher with online travel than other e-commerce categories. Over 40 percent of visitors to travel sites said they were very likely to return, while 25 percent said they were extremely satisfied.
Online travel shoppers prefer small, specialized travel sites to their big-name counterparts, according to new research. A survey of 6,580 travel site visitors by cPulse found that the number of new users of niche travel sites was up 82 percent in the third quarter of 2000, compared with the same time last year. Over 80 percent of visitors to these sites said they would use them again. According to cPulse, smaller sites that target specific customer groups have a better chance of providing relevant user content than sites that cater for mass audiences. The study revealed that users believe the information provided on niche sites is more accurate than the content of larger travel sites.
A survey last week by PhoCusWright confirmed that customer satisfaction is translating into high returns for many travel sites. The survey found that 21 million consumers in the US purchased online travel last year.