Brussels Airlines to offer E-ticketing to Galileo agents in Rwanda

Brussels Airlines to offer E-ticketing to Galileo agents in Rwanda

Travelport has today announced the implementation of new e-ticketing functionality with Brussels Airlines to enable approved Galileo-connected users in Rwanda to issue e-tickets on bookings made with the airline. Travelport’s Electronic Transitional Automated Ticketing (ETAT) solution allows airline approved travel agencies to issue and amend e-tickets in countries where the bank settlement plan (BSP) is not available.  ETAT both streamlines the process for travel agents and also gives the airline a cost effective, competitive advantage in the region.

Through ETAT, agents and airlines are provided an efficient method to reconcile ticket transactions outside of the BSP or standard process.  This will increase efficiencies for agents in Rwanda booking Brussels Airlines flights as there is no need for additional reporting to the airline and travellers receive a speedier, customer-friendly service. 


Stella Otteskov, who heads up the Galileo distributor in both Rwanda and Uganda, commented on the development: “We are delighted that Brussels Airlines has decided to adopt this innovative e-ticketing functionality in Rwanda and enable the local Galileo agents to issue e-tickets.  We are confident that this agreement will result in improved efficiency for our agents and an increase in bookings for Brussels Airlines.”



Rudy Maex, VP Channel Development & Services Delivery at Brussels Airlines, added: “Signing up with Travelport for their ETAT solution is an excellent opportunity for us to -further grow our position in the Rwandan market.  We have a great working relationship with Travelport and Galileo is one of the preferred GDSs in the region so it makes good business sense for us to back this initiative and make booking our flights easier in Rwanda.”


Brussels Airlines joins a growing list of airlines opting for Travelport’s ETAT technology in Africa where BSPs are not always available.  Earlier in the year, Travelport implemented ETAT e-ticketing for Kenyan Airways in Rwanda as well as TAAG in Angola and TAV in Cape Verde.  The ETAT initiative forms part of the company’s broader strategy to heighten its focus in Africa and grow its presence across the continent.  Travelport hopes to announce further ETAT airline participants over the coming months.