Booking rail travel is about to get an upgrade

Booking rail travel is about to get an upgrade. Quno, a new web based rail search and booking service due to launch on October 14, aims to make buying rail tickets and planning journeys much simpler. Only 13% of European consumers book rail travel online whilst the majority of other travel products are booked online. Quno plans to change that by bringing some of the most sought-after features from the flight, hotel, cruise and holiday booking websites and introduce them to UK rail passengers.

Quno will also unveil new ways of keeping passengers informed and engaged offline, online, on mobile and across the most popular social media channels, bringing rail booking bang up to date with the ways modern rail passengers consume information and engage with brands whilst addressing some of the challenges of booking rail tickets.

Quno will address many of the challenges linked with rail ticketing:

·      Dealing with the complexity of rail fares
·      Finding the right ticket with the desired flexibility
·      Cancelling tickets
·      Making changes to a trip online, offline and on mobile

Quno has been in development for nearly two years and plans to address these challenges and making rail travel search and booking much simpler.