BAR UK calls for urgent review of EU Airline Regulations

BAR UK calls for urgent review of EU Airline Regulations

The Board of Airline Representatives in the UK (BAR UK), representing over 90 airlines, has called on the UK government to tackle the EU Commission over unfair EU Regulations against member state airlines.

Mike Carrivick, Chief Executive, said “The eagerness of the EU and the UK government to publicly state that airlines have a responsibility under EU Regulation EU261/2004, to accommodate and feed passengers booked on flights cancelled by the volcanic disruptions, is a misuse of the regulation.

Regulation EU261/2004 was intended to apply when airlines had individual delays or cancelled flights. It was never intended to apply to wholesale shutdown of the airways system imposed by governmental rulings and without any limitation of time. It is also relevant that airlines cannot immediately resume normal services from the moment that the airspace restrictions are lifted. This Regulation, when used in this way, is draconian, disproportionate and often impractical.

In this particular situation, passengers have in all probability been delayed a lot longer than they might have been and airlines have lost millions every day as a result.”

BAR UK calls for an urgent reassessment of the implementation of this Regulation now and in the future. Not to change anything would be a huge disservice to everybody.