Air France crash report blames technical and human error

Air France crash report blames technical and human error

Technical failure and human error has been blamed for the Air France crash in 2009 which resulted in 228 deaths, a report has revealed.

Flight 447 was travelling from Rio de Janeiro to Paris when it crashed into the Atlantic during a storm.

According to the report released by the French Accident Investigation Bureau’s (BEA), a sequence and combination of several factors – technical and human – led to the loss of the aircraft in just over four minutes.

The report confirms that the crew was properly trained and qualified in accordance with regulations and that the aircraft systems were functioning in accordance with design and met the applicable certification criteria.

The BEA report revealed the crew “acted in line with the information provided by the cockpit instruments and systems, and the aircraft behaviour as it was perceptible in the cockpit” It added: “The reading of the various data did not enable them to apply the appropriate action.”


“In this deteriorated aircraft cockpit environment, the crew, with the skills of one flight captain and two first officers, were committed to carrying out their task of piloting the aircraft to the very end.”

In a statement the carrier reiterated: “Air France would like once again to pay tribute to the memory of the passengers and crew members who lost their lives in this accident, and wishes to express its full solidarity with the victims’ families.”

Air France, which is currently under investigation for manslaughter, said it is improving flight safety procedures.