Three Holidays with a Difference

Three Holidays with a Difference

Are you tired of the same old beach holiday or city break? Take a look at these three fabulous holidays with a difference.

Glamping: It’s Definitely Not Camping
Some people enjoy camping, being woken by birds singing in the glorious outdoors. What they don’t enjoy is the tramp to the communal toilets at 2.00am, the lack of washing facilities and the cold hard ground at night. What offers the best of both world’s then? In the past it would have been sleeping in your parent’s garden so you could nip in to have a bath, but these days your choices have got much wider with the dawn of glamping.

Glamping is defined as glamorous camping, and what it means for the weary traveller is that when you arrive at your destination, there is no tent to pitch, no fire to light and no sleeping bag to crawl into. Glamping basically offers all the positives of an outdoor experience, but with none of the negatives. Places to stay include: luxury furnished tents, yurts, huts or villas, a gorgeously fitted out airstream or even a treehouse.

Whatever your destination, there is usually a full range of amenities and services in place, from hot baths and showers, to electricity for hairdryers and straighteners. There is even indoor plumbing for toilets, with no trek and no massive spider hiding in the corner. Camping just stepped into a new league.

Festivals: It’s Not All about the Music
There are a huge range of festivals happening around the world and while there are many great music ones, there is now a bigger variety on offer. From being doused in colour, to being smothered in tomatoes, there are also fire, water, lantern, moon and balloon festivals. Whatever your location or interest, you can probably find something that will appeal to you from this range of the best festivals in the world.

There is even opportunity now to combine glamping with attending a festival, which means that the days of roughing it at a muddy, wet music festival might just be a thing of the past.

Adventure Holidays: Break Free from the 9 to 5
When we are working at our 9 to 5 jobs every day, it can be easy to let our thoughts drift to all the much more exciting things we could be doing. Using your vacation time to experience some of the thrilling experiences you dream off, can be the perfect way to spend a holiday.

There are many companies now that organise complete adventure getaways and who will take care of all the details, so that all you need to do is turn up and have fun. This either entails travelling to a destination that is off the usual beaten track for tourists, such as across China or in the Sinai Desert. Alternatively it can involve a more sporting element with people trying out white water rafting or parachute jumping.

Whatever your choice from the three above, you will return feeling refreshed, relaxed and invigorated. The only problem that will lay in wait, is counting down the days until your next holiday.