How Mobile Technology is changing the way we Travel

How Mobile Technology is changing the way we Travel

Tourism and travel remain huge drivers of revenue in the UK, with more than 34.38 million visits recorded during 2014 and a total of £21.72 billion spent by overseas travellers.

While the performance of the economy is often cited as the primary factor in determining the health of the tourism and leisure industry, there are others forces that influence how we travel. The evolution of mobile technology provides a relevant case in point, as this is impacting on everything from how we book trips to the way in which we interact with others.

How has Technology changed the way we Travel
So exactly have smartphones and tablets changed the way that we travel?

Researching and Booking trips through Mobile Devices

Last year, the amount of time spent online through mobile devices outstripped desktop alternatives for the second consecutive year. More specifically, mobile activity and searches now account for 51% of all online activity in the U.S, with desktop devices accounting for just 42%. This highlights how consumers are increasingly motivated to use their smartphone or tablet when referencing products and making purchases, particularly when it comes to travel.

In the modern age, we are increasingly likely to search for and book flights on our smartphones, while mobile-friendly and responsive websites such as make it easier than ever to access real-time promotions on accommodation.

Mobile Gaming helps to pass the time while travelling
I once travelled across Italy by rail, and while this was an incredible adventure it did require some arduous, cross-country trips. The route from Venice to Rome also took in a long stretch of industrial scenery (aside from a brief stop-off in Florence), so there was a need to find new ways to pass the time. Mobile technology helped me with this, as I could indulge my passion for gaming in real-time with or without a strong Internet connection.

Casino gaming is my activity of choice, and you can get started with mobile online gaming at 4G connectivity makes this even more accessible, as you can enjoy your favourite games even while traversing the most remote locations in the world.

Mobile Technology helps us to map out our Individual Journey’s
During my two-week Italy trip, I also discovered how mobile apps can help you to plan out efficient and cost-effective routes while travelling. The Rome 2 Rio app was particularly resourceful, helping us to plan public transport and walking routes while also enabling us to estimate costs, select service providers and book tickets directly.

There are other helpful travel apps too, many of which help you to reduce the cost of travelling while also enabling you to make the most of your time when abroad. This arguably represents the single biggest impact that mobile technology has had within the travel sector, as we no longer rely on analogue resources to plan routes and itineraries.