Good Luck On Your Travels!

When you’re going off travelling, it always helps to have a little luck on your side. Of course, common sense and good organization skills are also going to come in super useful, but it’s a combination of everything that will really work in your favour. So, here are a few top tips to give you the best of luck wherever you go!

Get Travel Insurance
It sounds so boring to think about, but travel insurance is going to be your golden ticket for peace of mind while you’re away. Obviously if you end up sick or in hospital abroad it’s not going to be a picnic, but travel insurance will make it all that much easier. You’ll feel so much better about a bad situation if you don’t have a huge bill! Make sure to check what yours covers as well; the insurance company won’t take kindly to you if you’ve been jumping off buildings for a laugh or taking selfies on top of high speed trains!

Play With Your Luck
People have been playing games for fun for years in order to improve their luck and prospects. One of these games is the lottery! It’s great for so many reasons, and playing around with international lottery odds are sure to improve your chances of winning even moreso. Of course the cash would be nice; but it isn’t even about the money. Playing lottery games from around the world can give you a thrill, even if you don’t hit the (very impressive) jackpot! Once you’ve got the confidence to play these kind of games, you’ll have the confidence to put yourself on the line with a range of things and have new experiences whilst off on your adventures.

Pack Your Lucky Charm
There are of course lucky charms and other such items to bring good will to anyone who believes in their power. Sure, it seems like something from the days of magic and voodoo, but loads of people have a good luck charm! Whether it’s a crystal to be really mystical or just a lucky pen that got you through all those nasty exams in school, we’ve each got our individual things that work for us personally. Even if we aren’t taken in by the whole idea of it, you can’t deny at all that we all have some things which make us feel more positive, without even being able to explain it. When we are off at the other side of the world though then we can sometimes need anything we can get to stop us feeling homesick!

Choose Good Travel Companions
Sometimes your journeys don’t come down to the places that you see - it’s the people you see them with! With good friends (whether old or new) the memories you create on each and every continent and coast with other people will likely be the ones that last longest. Sometimes luck isn’t something you can buy or that you can plan for… it just happens!