5 Luxury Destinations That Are Closer Than You Think

5 Luxury Destinations That Are Closer Than You Think

Luxurious European holiday destinations are being made easy by the ever growing and evolving transportation market. If you’re not too keen on flying, there are still options that make it easy to visit Europe, and to find the perfect holiday destination catered to you. Holiday destinations are continually changing and more and more luxurious rental and hotel spots are nearer on the map for the UK traveller than expected.

Amsterdam originated as a small fishing village in the late 12th century but has bloomed into a centre of culture with its vibrant historical locations and diverse night life. Being one of the top financial centres in Europe Amsterdam‘s Euro and tourist business are flourishing. Numerous 5 star hotels scatter the main strip and are situated in stunning Dutch 17th and more modern 20th century architecture. Amsterdam is now easily reachable by ferry making the journey from the UK as seamless and efficient as possible. 

Sintra is home to stunning long white sandy beaches and rich Portuguese history. Praia da Ursa is known as one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, and much quieter than its rival counterparts.  With a long turquoise coast line there is no need to travel far from the UK to enjoy such luxury. Other popular Sintra holiday destinations include the Quinta da Regaleria. This famous large fairy tale style castle consists of a romantic palace and chapel.  Quinta da Regaleria has also been named a World Heritage Site, popular with tourists and locals. Driving to Sintra presents the opportunity for a memorable road trip that takes in some of the most amazing roads in both France and Portugal. The driving time is roughly 18 hours in total, but you won’t notice the time pass with such amazing sights on route.

The luxurious side to Brussels can be found in its beautiful medieval squares including La Grand Place, magnificent historical buildings and large amount of character and charm. The incredible sights Brussels has to offer can be seen by taking a tour around the city on the famous Boottochten Brugge, or by popular bike ride tours. Brussels has several 5 star luxury hotels including the well-known Hotel Amigo and Sofitel Brussels Europe. Brussels is only 3-and-a-half-hours away by ferry and car, so if time is of the essence, this might just be the luxury destination for you.

The slowly sinking city of Venice is notorious for its luxurious romantic canal trips rowed by a stoic gondolier. Cathedrals and museums line the cobbled streets. Venice is renowned for its dining delicacies and superb restaurants. Specialising in authentic Italian Venetian cuisine, guests of the city can enjoy freshly made pizzas, gelato, and local sea food dishes. Venice boasts stunning architecture, and a romantic luxury destination. What’s more, it takes only 13 hours to get there by ferry and car.

Vienna is a European city renowned for its previous famous inhabitants including the brilliant composers Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Beethoven. Etched with history and culture, you’ll be amazed to find flights from London to Vienna are just over 2 hours long. The Imperial palaces including Schonbrunn palace are important stops, as well as St. Stephens Cathedral and the State Opera House. Vienna, the cultural centre of Austria, has developed its own regional cuisine. In Viennese top quality restaurants, you’ll find delicacies such as smoked meats, salty boiled beef, and strudel pastries. You can get to Vienna via ferry and car in around 14 hours from the UK.

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