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5 Tips to renting a villa in Mykonos

5 Tips to renting a villa in Mykonos

Mykonos is a picturesque town that attracts the best tourists in the world. What with its whitewashed taverns, houses and gourmet restaurants! The cosmopolitan island is one of the top 5 tourist destinations in the world. If you would love to enjoy the climate, the weather, the people and the natural feeling of relaxation, a luxury villa in Mykonos is all you need.

Now, what are some of the things that one needs to think about when they want to rent a villa in Mykonos? What are the nitty-gritty factors and aspects of the villas that one should consider before they make a decision on the most appropriate villa to rent?

Here are 5 tips to guide you in renting a villa in Mykonos:

1. Air conditioning and extras
You need to know the status of the villa you are renting. Air conditioning is recommended especially during the summer period in Mykonos. You want to be as comfortable as possible. You need to know who pays for the air conditioning in the villa. There are some villas that charge you for the power consumed by the cooling or the warming of the villa. Are there extras included in the rental fee? Do they offer free cars for your transportation? Generally speaking, do some research and choose the most cost-friendly villa for your vacation in Mykonos.

2. Amenities in the villa
Other than air conditioning, there are other things that one needs to consider such as the amenities included in the villa. Does it have satellite TV? What about internet provision? What are the charges for housekeeping? What services are offered for free? What about washing machines, DVD Players, and associated entertainment? When you are aware of the availability of these amenities, you can comfortably plan your budget and for sure you will enjoy your stay in Mykonos.

3. Do you need a rental car?
You need to ask your agent whether you will need a car to move around the villa and its surrounding areas. Some of the villas in Mykonos could be far from the beaches and other amenities that you would wish to access during your vacation. What kind of transportation is available for you? What do you need to pay for when it comes to transportation? Some villas could be within reach of the town and the beaches. However, these could be way more expensive and one needs to contact their agent in advance so they can plan for other resultant costs.

4. Consider Buying Insurance
Renting a villa is not an easy decision to make, especially when it comes to the finances involved. As such, you need to be protected and assured of safety and health while you are staying in the villa. You could probably be bringing your family along for the vacation and this requires that you consider buying insurance. An insurance coverage would be good to take care of emergencies such as medical evacuation, bad weather, delays, unforeseen conflicts and so on.

5. Sign a contract
Just like all financial engagements, it is important that you sign a contract on the rental villa. The agreement should specify the expenses that are not included in the rental fee. It should be clear on items such as taxes, cost of heating, air conditioning and so on. The contract is basically what spells the terms and conditions of renting the villa and its associated amenities.