Dreams Come True With a Golf-Themed Vacation

Dreams Come True With a Golf-Themed Vacation

We often use golf as our escape from the mundane. Ironically, most of us play golf on a fairly regular schedule. Why not take that golf game abroad once in awhile and truly live it up in a fabulous setting? Today we are looking at some of the best places to head for a golfing vacation that will excite you. We’ll also be talking about the best way to prepare for that trip.

Head To Africa
If you’ve taken the first steps and already have your golf course booking in South Africa set up, congratulations! If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? The South African scenery is simply gorgeous. You will also have the opportunity to experience and check out the local wildlife in between rounds of golf. While many still (wrongly) assume that South Africa is an underdeveloped area, there are many places that are for tourists and that function in the same manner as many US cities. This is simply one of those places you must visit. Make sure to take lots of pictures to share with your golfing friends when you return.

Work Off the Pasta in Italy
Italy is romantic and full of delicious food. It is also home to some fantastic golfing courses. The Hilton just opened in Lake Como. You can also head towards Pisa for Toscana Resort Castelfalfi, or go south to the Acaya Golf & Spa Resort. There are tons of places to see after a rousing game of golf, lots of entertainment options, and of course, delicious food at every corner. If you bring family that is not into golf, they can spend the day exploring all of the shopping and amazing architecture that Italy has to offer.

Go North For Less Heat
Italy and Africa can be awfully warm in the summer. If you’re not a fan of the heat, a trip to Ireland can be a better option. Cooler weather in the summer means you won’t be sweating too hard while playing. Throw in the rolling, lush green hills, and an ample supply of ale, and it’s a perfect place to visit for golf! Beware, though: one of the biggest hazards of golfing in Ireland are the high winds and flash rainstorms that roll in with no warning. Going somewhere cooler can have its drawbacks!

Make Packing Easier
Of course, it sounds exciting to go overseas to a beautiful setting to play some golf on a new course until it’s time to pack. Suddenly, there are major concerns on what to take and how to get it there. One of the first things to consider is the transportation of your clubs. You can try taking them with you on the flight but not everyone is feels comfortable paying extra baggage costs or trusts that their clubs will be treated with care. If that’s the case, we recommend using ShipSticks or a shipping service that focuses on the golfer.

Figuring out what else to take is also challenging. For instance, the golf umbrella can probably stay behind. You can often rent one should you need it. The same goes for golf balls. Unless you have a one kind of ball that can only be purchased online from Bali, you can pick up balls while at your destination.

Clothes should be easily convertible between the golf course and a casual dinner. People often make fun of some of the “costumes” people once wore at tournaments but really, your clothing should be able to pull double duty without pointing out what you have spent your day doing.  You should consider how long you will be gone and whether you will need to launder your clothes while overseas. If so, you could pack lighter. If not, pack enough for each day plus one extra outfit.

An important thing to factor in is your budget, who is going with you, and where do you want to go? When it won’t break the bank, you love the company, and you visit that one place you have always dreamed of, you are going to have one great vacation!

The perfect golf getaway is within your reach! Use the tips we’ve shared here to set yours up today.