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Zanzibar Tourism Minister receives Seychelles Carnival limited edition book

Zanzibar Tourism Minister receives Seychelles Carnival limited edition book

Mr. St.Ange was in Dar Es Salaam to address a special Seychelles Evening organized by Maryvonne Pool, the Tanzania-based Seychelles Consul and Tourism Ambassador, for diplomats accredited to Tanzania, representatives from international agencies, airline representatives, the Tanzania tourism and travel trade, and the press.

Alain St.Ange signed a copy of the Seychelles Carnival limited edition book, “SEYCHELLES, Enters the World of Carnival,” and presented it to Minister Jihad Abdillah Hassan after he had addressed the 110 invited guests at the Seychelles function at the Slipway Function Centre. Mr. St.Ange told the African ambassadors present that the annual carnival staged in Seychelles every March is for every African country to showcase their own culture, their own attractions, and their own people.

“Let us bring our own unique selling points forward, and and let us parade them with our cultural groups alongside delegations from the very best carnivals of the world, as Seychelles guarantees worldwide press coverage of their unique event now called the catnival of carnivals,” Alain St.Ange said.

Mr. St.Ange also used his address to direct an appeal to all the foreign diplomats accredited to Tanzania, and many of them also accredited to Seychelles, when he said that their support was needed to get their very own country to participate in the Seychelles Carnival. He appealed for north/south cooperation as well as south/south support for the carnival event staged in Seychelles. Alain St.Ange also thanked the different countries and organizations for the twenty-odd foreign carnival floats and delegations who had participated in this year’s carnival in Seychelles.

“It was a resounding success, and next year will be even better. Press coverage is very encouraging with a ten-person press delegation already confirmed so far from Germany alone. This is being organized by a German Tour Operator,” Alain St.Ange said.


Minister Jihad Abdillah Hassan on his part confirmed that he had personally led a Zanzibar Tanzania delegation to the 2011 Seychelles Carnival and said it was a great example of what Africa can achieve. The Minister encouraged all African countries to participate in the Seychelles Carnival and to bring their own culture to the attention of the world through a new avenue being staged by Seychelles.