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Varun Sharma votes Denis Private Island in Seychelles as his favorite dive

Varun Sharma votes Denis Private Island in Seychelles as his favorite dive

The Sunday Independent published in October 2010 stated that “The Seychelles is one of three destinations in the world reputed to offer the best snorkeling site,” and Denis Island does not disappoint.

It is, therefore ,without surprise that the prominent UK travel journalist Mr. Varun Sharma from the Inside Luxury Travel show, voted the Denis Private Island dive as his favorite dive of the year so far. A video capturing this epic underwater experience can be seen on the Luxury Travel show website ( ). The video showcases the magnificent and timeless ballet of the island’s lagoon playing on in perfect harmony, inviting you only to gaze in wonder.

The turquoise water surrounding the Seychelles Denis Island unravels an exotic marine life making it an ideal location for snorkeling, swimming, and diving enthusiasts.

The protected underwater of the island allows it the privilege of being ranked as one of the interesting areas for diving in the Seychelles, and the island’s lagoon is nothing less than your personal aquarium with a cast of thousands, inviting you to participate and admire.

The Inside Luxury Travel is now beamed into over 500 million homes worldwide with broadcasters including the Travel Channel worldwide. The show was devised by the famous travel journalist, Mr. Varun Sharma. His expertise, together with an award-winning television production team, gives access to some of the most private and exotic locations around the world. Denis Private Island (Seychelles) was proud to form part of his classic array of journeys.


Alain St.Ange, CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, said that he was thrilled with this vote of confidence by Mr. Varum Sharma, who remains one of the most prominent UK travel journalists. “We always knew that our diving is one on the very best and that a swim in the turquoise blue seas of the Seychelles remains like swimming in an aquarium, and we are thankful to Mr. Sharma for bringing one of our unique selling points to the world at large,” Alain St.Ange said.