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Union Pacific: Free e-book engages users with photos and stories

Union Pacific: Free e-book engages users with photos and stories

To mark its 150th anniversary this year, Union Pacific created, which includes an interactive timeline inviting users to explore how the railroad came to be and continues to build America through innovation, tenacity, and technology. The Union Pacific Timeline e-book allows users to easily swipe among timeline entries to view photos, as well as read stories about critical moments during Union Pacific’s history. There also is an index where users can go directly to specific dates and events they wish to view.

“In addition to being a fun resource for students, rail fans and history enthusiasts, the Union Pacific Timeline e-book tells a legendary story in an exciting way, engaging users and allowing them to control how the Union Pacific story unfolds,” said Donna Kush, Union Pacific assistant vice president - Corporate Communications. “Union Pacific celebrates its 150th anniversary this year and we take great pride in our history, including our use of technology, which helps make us the forward-thinking industry leader that we are today and will continue to be in the future.”

Union Pacific’s digital timeline can be found at It begins July 1, 1862, when President Abraham Lincoln signed the Pacific Railway Act, authorizing construction of the transcontinental railroad and creating Union Pacific. From the groundbreaking and laying of the first rails to the opening of Union Pacific’s Harriman Dispatching Center and new headquarters building, the timeline covers major achievements, innovations, milestones, and railroad mergers. It concludes in 2012, marking Union Pacific’s 150th anniversary.

The Union Pacific Timeline e-book was created using Apple’s iBooks Author, an e-book authoring application released in early 2012. It is the first e-book published by a North American railroad and is among the first corporate e-books available for download at the Apple iTunes Store.

Union Pacific released the UP Steam App in the Apple Store in late 2011. The free app can be used to track UP’s legendary No. 844 steam locomotive.