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Underwater search for Malaysian Airlines MH370 begins

Underwater search for Malaysian Airlines MH370 begins

An underwater search for the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 using a towed ‘pinger’ locator has begun in the southern Indian Ocean.

Two ships with the locator capabilities are searching a 150 mile underwater path in an attempt to locate the missing aircraft.

The plane, which was carrying 239 people, disappeared on March 8th on route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

Satellite data from the plane suggests the aircraft crashed in the south Indian Ocean, although no debris has yet been found despite several potential sightings. 

The search is being co-ordinated from the city of Perth in Western Australia, with 14 ships at sea searching for the plane on Friday.

The battery-powered ‘pingers’ on the aircraft’s black box are expected to stop transmitting about 30 days after a crash, giving the searchers now only a few days to locate it.

Australia naval vessel Ocean Shield was using a towed pinger locator from the US Navy, while HMS Echo, which had similar capabilities, was also searching.