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Travelodge plans Marston’s tie-up

Travelodge plans Marston’s tie-up

Travelodge has unveiled a partnership with Marston’s, including at a site in Somerset, in a bid to capitalise on rising demand from business travelers.
The two UK companies have joined together to search for 10 new jointly occupied sites on main roads in suburban and out-of-town locations.

Travelodge plans to open a 57-bed hotel adjacent to a 6,500 sq ft Marston’s family pub restaurant in Wincanton, Somerset next year.

A joint letter from Derek Andrew, MD of Marston’s Inns and Taverns and Paul Harvey, MD for development at Travelodge, will be issued to over 100 landowners and developers as they seek 10 high profile sites in the next 18 months.

Andrew said: “As a leading investor in new sites in the pub sector, this joint initiative will deliver a combination of excellent value pub and hotel accommodation from two of the country’s best operators in the sector, giving our customers the best of both worlds at the same location.”

Paul Harvey of Travelodge said the new sites would target new residential developments as well as business customers.


“By co-locating with Marston’s, we will be able to develop sites which would not have been viable for ourselves alone,” he said.

“With an ever increasing number of business customers staying with us, to compliment our city centre growth we are also looking for opportunities near to out of town retail and industrial areas. Given that these also tend to be near new residential developments, there is perfect synergy between our requirements and those of Marston’s.”