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Tourism brands drop NOTW over phone hacking scandal

Tourism brands drop NOTW over phone hacking scandal

Virgin Holidays and the Co-operative Group have become the latest brands to pull advertising from the News of the World following the latest revelations in the phone hacking scandal.

As prime minister David Cameron pledged a public enquiring into allegations made against the tabloid, the Daily Telegraph is reporting the families of dead soldiers may also have had voicemail messages intercepted.

With car manufacturer Ford leading the way earlier this week, the Co-operative Group earlier confirmed its decision to decision to suspend temporarily any further advertising and promotional activity with the News of the World.

“These allegations have been met with revulsion by the vast majority of members who have contacted us,” explained a statement.

“We would urge everyone involved to bring this matter to a speedy conclusion for the sake of all those who are affected by these events.”

Manchester-based Co-operative Group said it would not resume advertising with the weekly until the investigation had been completed.

Virgin Holidays has taken a similar stance, alongside Vauxhall, Mitsubishi and Halifax bank.

Royal British Legion

The Royal British Legion has also dropped News of the World as its campaigning partner.

The decision was taken today following the disclosure the bereaved relatives of soldiers killed in Iraq and Afghanistan may have had their phones hacked by a private investigator working for News of the World, said the charity.

The Legion has suspended all relations with the newspaper pending a resolution of the allegations.

“We can’t with any conscience campaign alongside News of the World on behalf of Armed Forces families while it stands accused of preying on these same families in the lowest depths of their misery,” said a charity spokesman.

“The hacking allegations have shocked us to the core.”

The charity also said its advertising budget with News International is under review.