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Thomson unveils final UK ad campaign before 2017 rebrand

Thomson unveils final UK ad campaign before 2017 rebrand

This December leading UK holiday company, Thomson, will mark its ultimate campaign titled ‘Moments’, airing before Christmas ahead of rebranding to TUI in 2017.

Thomson is proud to have led the way since the 1960’s by producing emotive holiday campaigns, with the new creative continuing the legacy theme as the story signifies the importance of enjoying those important holiday ‘moments’ with loved ones.

The new campaign follows more recent memorable Thomson stories, Simon the Ogre, Kid and Miles the Bear, all bringing to life the power of transformation a holiday can bring.

The 2016 campaign shows a little girl’s heartfelt journey from beach to pool with ‘moments’ frozen around her, before finally jumping into her father’s arms at the end.

The ‘moments’ theme continues to promote the famous TUI smile logo, a familiar differentiator ahead of Thomson’s move to TUI. 


Shot at Thomson Platinum resort Aquila Rithymna Beach in Crete, the film is set to an original composition created bespoke for the campaign by Icelandic artist Biggi Hilmars.

The different ‘moments’ frozen in time around the main character are relatable holiday happenings, like a classic game of bat and ball on the beach, a little girl playfully pouring water over her sunbathing father and a couple sharing wine over lunch.

A 60 second version of the film will debut on Friday, December 16th, and a 30 second version will be broadcast throughout December and January, with the theme of ‘moments’ supported across multiple Thomson marketing channels. 

Jeremy Ellis, marketing and customer experience director at Thomson, said: “Over the years Thomson has aimed to produce memorable campaigns. We’ve positioned emotive led creative from ‘selling’, to being driven from a human need to show the importance of product and services.

“The new film continues this theme, narrating a story around the importance of creating memorable holiday ‘moments’, bringing new life to our customer promise, ‘Discover Your Smile’.

“The campaign forms part of an important brand migration programme as Thomson establishes itself as a global travel leader in the UK before transitioning to TUI later next year.

“While the 2016 film may be the final Thomson sign off, we remain committed to bringing our customers with us on this journey while we continue to offer quality, modern and more personalised getaways you’d expect from a holiday company with over 60 years of heritage in the industry.”