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Tel Aviv Convention Centre welcomes new facilities

Tel Aviv Convention Centre welcomes new facilities

The new Pavilion 2 has opened at the Tel Aviv Convention Centre, transforming the current site into one of the most advanced convention centres in the Middle East.

The world-class venue will serve as a site for both business and culture with events, exhibitions, conferences, trade fairs and examinations set to take place there.

The project cost in the region of USD$88 million, and provides a state of the art, technologically advanced, versatile space which can accommodate events for 9,000 and performances with seating for 10,000.

The acoustic composition of the building allows four music performances to occur simultaneously using unique acoustic partitions imported from the United States.

The pavilion includes a variety of dining areas, meeting rooms, an entrance hall and fully equipped conference halls, able to facilitate vast interactive exhibitions.


Furthermore, unique doors with a height of 6 metres and a width of 5.3 metres have been built, allowing exhibits of all sizes to enter the space.

Pavilion 2 which took four years to build is part of a development plan for the Tel Aviv Convention Centre. 

It spans an area of 3,000 metres with an additional 20,000 square metres for restaurants, cafés and a hotel and is Israel’s most impressive leisure and entertainment complex.