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CNN and TripAdvisor announce first-of-its-kind partnership

CNN and TripAdvisor announce first-of-its-kind partnership

CNN and TripAdvisor have announced a first-of-its-kind partnership between the worlds’s leading international news brand and the world’s largest travel site.
Beginning today, CNN International’s global travel portal,, will be integrated with the most up to date TripAdvisor reviews and ratings, enabling CNN readers to view them in real time. 

Readers can book hotels mentioned in CNN Travel articles via TripAdvisor, or find TripAdvisor user reviews, photos and maps of featured restaurants, bars and other landmarks.

One of the key advantages of the deal is giving CNN Travel readers access to the best available hotel prices through TripAdvisor’s hotel price comparison search function.

The same TripAdvisor content and booking functionality will also be available when CNN Travel readers access CNN’s 4,000 partner hotels on the CNN Travel homepage.


CNN Travel executive producer Andrew Demaria explained it will make the experience for current CNN Travel users on both desktop and mobile far more in-depth and comprehensive.

“CNN Travel and TripAdvisor are a great fit.

The two brands align with each other and this partnership formalizes what is already a solid relationship.

Ultimately, this is really all about the user, especially when using their mobile to book accommodation when planning a holiday or while they’re on the road travelling,” he revealed.

2Readers can now search for hotels, book accommodation or write a review via the CNN Travel site. This means a better experience for our audience.”

The CNN Travel and TripAdvisor partnership is now active.