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Take the plunge and wander through the five natural wonders of Belize

Take the plunge and wander through the five natural wonders of Belize

Belize is home to a kaleidoscope of natural beauty, incredible history and some of the world’s most remarkable wildlife, marine life and natural wonders. With a modest population of 380,000 people, visitors can marvel at Belize’s outstanding beauty and explore some of its most intriguing undiscovered locations without seeing another soul for miles.
From hiking to Mayan sites and snorkelling through the enchanting Belize Barrier Reef (the largest in the northern hemisphere), to admiring the exotic birds and immersing oneself in the sounds of the lush rainforest, Belize is the perfect destination for those adventurers, solo travellers, couples, or families keen to disconnect and reconnect to the natural world.
Here are five of the unmissable natural wonders Belize has to offer:

Belize Barrier Reef
Belize has preserved the natural beauty of its barrier reef for generations, with it being the second largest reef in the world, there is no doubt it is one of Belize’s most prominent natural wonders. From schools of fish to turtles, stingrays and nurse sharks, there is ample opportunity to explore the protected reef which has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The reef wraps around the full 185-mile stretch of the country and forms a lagoon along the coastline which not only protects the shore from large waves, but also creates the perfect habitat for an array of vibrant marine life. 
Another spot for avid divers and snorkelers is The Witconcrete Wreck, the weathered ruins of a concrete ship which sank off the coast and has now become a top dive site in Belize. Over time this wreck has created a natural, protected habitat for Belize’s vivid marine life, making it a paradise for divers and explorers. For more information, please visit

The Great Blue Hole
The mesmerising deep blue hole off the coast of Belize is certainly one of most captivating must-see spots to explore. Located close by to the centre of Lighthouse Reef, an atoll approximately 100 km from the mainland city of Belize, the Great Blue Hole is the largest geological formation of its kind in the world, boasting approximately 300 meters wide and over 120 meters deep. This natural wonder of Belize is a haven for divers and sightseers alike, equally a flight from above is a must. For the most spectacular views, Tropic Air will fly guests directly over the Great Blue Hole, not only providing an aerial shot of the blue abyss, but a keen eye will also spot manatees, rays, sharks, dolphins and an array of other marine life. For more information, please visit

Radiant rainforests
Luscious, wild rainforests cover 80% of the land in Belize, so it is no wonder the country has an abundance of national parks and nature reserves ready to be explored. For spectacular views that are worth the challenging journey, adventurous travellers should head to Cockscomb Basin Forest Reserve for hike up Victoria Peak. This hike allows visitors to explore the eco-diversity of the area including birds, towering trees and all give of Belize’s big cat species.
Another remarkable hiking route is the Sarstoon-Temash National Park, located on the southern edge of the Toledo District. The remote location offers some of the best wildlife viewing in Belize as it’s home to rare animals such as the white-faced capuchin monkey and jaguars, among others. For the eager wildlife photographers and birdwatchers, Sarstoon-Temash is also an incredible spot for birdwatching as it’s home to over 200 species of birds. For more information, please visit
Maya landscapes
For explorers keen to learn about Belize’s rich Maya history and culture but want to avoid the crowds, the ancient Maya city of Caracol is a wonderful must see. Nestled amongst the jungle and mountains in beautiful natural surroundings, located in the heart of the Chiquibul Nature Reserve in the Cayo District, Caracol is considered one of Belize’s best preserved Maya archaeological sites. Discovered in the depths of the jungle in the 1920’s, Caracol attracts hikers and explorers to its immense temples, grand pyramids and royal tombs without the masses of tourists.
The site rests 500 metres above sea level, so visitors can marvel over the spectacular views overlooking miles of the protected Chiquibul forest and at summit level, a keen eye will spot the border between Guatemala and Belize. So, whether visitors would like to soak up the rich Maya history and culture, or explore the vast landscape of Belize, Caracol is an exceptional place to do so. For more information, please visit


Plunge into Belize’s most thrilling waterfalls
One of the most photographed natural wonders of Belize is Maya King Falls, a waterfall nestled in the mountains of the Southeast Coast of Belize. A true beauty, powerful force of nature which can offer guests an exhilarating, yet tranquil experience. The two cascading falls stream down the rock face into a large pool of water which later meets the river. Visitors can experience the waterfall at their own leisure, whether that’s taking an adrenaline-charged shower or simply floating in the water surrounded by natural beauty. Another hidden gem is Big Rock Falls, a monumental 150-foot waterfall tucked away into Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve. A great spot for the daring explorer who feels brave enough to take a dive from the cliff edge and plunge into the water below.

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