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Strike set to cause major disruptions at UK airports

Strike set to cause major disruptions at UK airports

Major disruption is expected at UK airports tomorrow as immigration workers stage a one-day strike in a dispute over public sector pensions.

The strike, which is set for 10 May, could start taking effect tonight due to some shifts starting this evening.

Heathrow has already been experiencing major delays at immigration checks after security was heightened following last year’s border row after passport and visa checks were reduced without Government approval.

The UK government has come under harsh criticism and complaints as passengers have been waiting for as long as 3 hours to pass through border control.

UK Home Secretary Theresa May and UK Border Force managers are meeting with airline officials to layout plans to deal with the disruption expected from tomorrow’s strike.


Procedures have already been set up to bring in additional employees to handle border checks.

The Immigration Services Union (ISU), which represents 4,500 Border Agency staff, calls itself ‘a moderate, non-political union’. It has said the strike could be avoided if the Government allows its members to retire at 65. This will be the second time it has gone on strike in 30 years.

Andy Friend, national chairman of ISU commented: “How can staff be expected to pursue, arrest and detain a criminal at the border in their late sixties? I urge the Cabinet Office to come back to the negotiating table and reach agreement on a retirement age of 65 for our members.”