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Six Senses launches Grow a New Body spa programme

Six Senses launches Grow a New Body spa programme

Six Senses is launching a brand-new programme – Grow a New Body – which lays the foundation to enable guests to have a healthy body that ages slowly.

The programme aims to help guests discover how their health span can equal their life span.

Benefits include detoxifying the body, activating specific genes for health benefits, protecting the brain, re-setting the fight-or-flight system and activating the production of bliss-creating molecules whilst shedding years of old programming.

The programme will be launching with a series of retreats in collaboration with Alberto Villoldo, a best-selling-author, healer and medical anthropologist with a PhD in psychology.

He has studied the shamanic healing practices of the Amazon and Andes for over 25 years.


Grow a New Body combines physical and mental wellbeing and touches on the fields of sacred energy and reconnection.

It brings together cutting-edge neuroscience and biology with the ancient wisdom of Shamans who recognise that the body is one system and not a collection or parts that can be medicated and replaced when they go wrong.

The programme targets four key areas: detoxifying the body and activating genes for health; resetting the natural body clock; transforming toxic emotions and resetting fight-or-flight mode; and healing the luminous energy body.

The physical body is surrounded by a luminous energy field which informs the cells and organs on how to live in healthy harmony, this is essential for repair and regeneration.

During the retreat guests are invited to explore shamanic energy medicine practices that let go of emotional dramas, release imprints for physical disease and erase stories held in the energy field – repairing the body and emotions