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Six Senses Galapagos on schedule for 2021 opening

Six Senses Galapagos on schedule for 2021 opening

Six Senses will open its first resort in the Galápagos Islands in 2021.

Six Senses Galapagos will be located on San Cristobal Island, in the town of Cerro Verde on the north-eastern coast.

This is the quietest of the main islands with a relaxed and tranquil vibe.

The Galápagos Islands were named by 16th century Spanish sailors after the saddle-shaped shells (“galápago”) of their most famous resident, the giant tortoise.

UNESCO recognised the Galápagos Islands as a World Heritage Site in 1978 and a Biosphere Reserve in 1985, development is only permitted on three per cent of the total area.


Permission has been granted to develop the resort on a verdant hill with unspoiled views of the ocean and other topographical landmarks.

All building work is in accordance with local laws and with strong involvement from the local community. 

The development of this project is being led by Hitesh Mehta of HM Design and will focus on a distinctive planning philosophy which balances economic, environmental, and social impact.

Neil Jacobs, Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas chief executive, said: “Sustainability is at the core of our brand, influencing everything from ongoing community engagement and conservation efforts to the local, repurposed materials used in the development.

“We are excited and delighted to work with the Orgal Group on this extraordinary project in such a special and environmentally sensitive place, staying true to our joint purpose of ecosystem restoration, scientific research of marine species and low-impact tourism.”

San Cristobal also boasts Kicker Rock, perhaps one of the most well-known landmarks, towering 140 metres above the Pacific Ocean and eroded by the sea over thousands of years to resemble a sleeping lion.

This is a popular site for snorkelling and diving due to the well-preserved ecosystem making it an underwater paradise. Galapagos albatrosses, sea lions, playful seals and marine iguanas are also found here.

Chief executive of Orgal Group, Arturo Kayser, added: “The Galápagos Islands are a magical destination with a unique place in natural history.

“Our guests will come face-to-face with their raw beauty and experience the extraordinary wildlife which inspired Charles Darwin to develop his theory of evolution.

“Joining forces with Six Senses represents a great alignment of visions: a commitment to sustainability and preservation of the environment, while enhancing social and economic benefits of the local community.”