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Sheremetyevo Airport welcomes first airBaltic CS300

Sheremetyevo Airport welcomes first airBaltic CS300

Sheremetyevo International Airport in Moscow has welcomed the first commercial flight from the new airBaltic Bombardier CS300 aircraft. 

Martin Gauss, chief executive at airBaltic, said: “We are delighted to land the first commercial flight with the most innovative and technologically advanced aircraft in the world – Bombardier CS300 here in Moscow.

“Our fleet already consists of three Bombardier CS300 that are already performing beyond our expectations and we are very happy to offer our customers this next level of travel experience, also for those traveling from Riga to Moscow.”

The new CS300 aircraft, with a total of 145 seats, offers excellent flying experience with benefits for passengers such as wider seats, larger windows, more hand luggage space in the cabin, improved lavatories, and other.

New aircraft is also much quieter – with four times smaller noise footprint.


Moreover, at the moment, it is the greenest commercial aircraft in the world, as it is the first aircraft to have a transparent declaration of the life-cycle environmental impact, helping to reduce CO2 and NOX emissions by 20 and 50 per cent respectively.

Denis Pashkovsky, deputy director general for commerce at Sheremetyevo International Airport: “The long-time cooperation between Sheremetyevo International Airport and airBaltic is the reason for steady growth in passenger turnover on the Riga – Moscow route.

“It should be noted that the airline has been constantly evolving, expanding and renewing its fleet of passenger aircraft and improving the quality of passenger service.

“Putting into service for this route the new-generation aircraft Bombardier CS300 is an important step in dealing with these matters.

“We are confident that this comfortable, spacious and environment-friendly plane will be loved by our passengers and make the flights between Riga and Sheremetyevo airport even more popular.”

As announced previously, the Latvian airline airBaltic is the launch operator for the CS300 aircraft, and has ordered 20 CS300 aircraft.