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Shapps strikes optimistic tone at Expo 2020 in Dubai

Shapps strikes optimistic tone at Expo 2020 in Dubai

A focal point for innovation and human ingenuity, Expo 2020 Dubai is an optimistic indicator of what the future could look like as efforts to decarbonise the world ramp up.

That is according to UK secretary of state for transport, Grant Shapps.

“Coming here to Expo 2020 and seeing what nearly 200 countries have to offer renews my faith in the human spirit, that we are going to be able to do this and rescue the planet,” Shapps said as the UK Pavilion hosts an events programme on the future of safer, more sustainable travel.

“Clearly there’s further to go – I look forward to COP28 here in 2023, and COP27 next year in Egypt, to make sure we’re on the right path.

“I think Expo 2020 is incredibly important because it points the way to the future.


“One of the things that immediately strikes you is how much of this Expo is about things like decarbonisation.”

He added: “We need to go a world of guilt-free flying.

“You only do that by investing in flight technology.

“And when I talk to Emirates, who I met this morning, for example, or Rolls-Royce, who are developing the engines that are going to fly us here, you realise the desire to get there is absolutely built in.”