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Flying Piano takes music to new heights at Expo 2020

Flying Piano takes music to new heights at Expo 2020

Flying Piano, the newest attraction at Expo 2020 Dubai, combines music and wonder, as a female pianist dressed in a white gown, with a white piano, is slowly lifted up into the air as she continues to play soothing music.

Only 25-year-old pianist Eleanora Costantini and the piano are visible to the audience below, as the long trail of her gown hides the mystery of how she and the piano are elevated to a height of about five metres.


The spectators sit on illuminated seats below, watching the spectacle.

Costantini, a pianist and piano teacher from Venice, Italy, said she enjoys the flying piano performances, as they allow her to focus more on playing the music, rising above any distractions.

“These live shows represent a real connection between the musician and the audience. I started training for these flying shows about a year ago, and I find it really exciting,” she said.

The Flying Piano shows are being performed at the Opportunity Pavilion Plaza until February.