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Seychelles moves into new adventurous tourism

Seychelles moves into new adventurous tourism

Now, those who are daring enough or simply seeking more thrilling activities in the Seychelles islands can have fun wall climbing and abseiling with the SMAC crew – Crunchie (Johan) and Wynie (Wynand) - who have worked together in the adventure zone for 15 years on end.

Both activities are carried out in a totally-controlled environment, where the adventurers are strapped in harnesses and tied to 12 Newton-tested ropes, secured in two marine-grade stainless anchors on top of the wall.

SMAC’s wall climbing is opened to anyone interested, which means that you do not have to be a climber. The activities can be enjoyed by both young and old, while strength and skills is not issue in order to engage in this adventure.

“Every ‘body’ and any ‘body,’ kids, the wife, and, of course, the man,” can have a go at climbing said the SMAC crew.

SMAC is opened to both Seychellois and visitors and it offers the activities in two categories – the SMAC Crag and the Smartie Wall.


The SMAC Crag consists of 10 remarkable routes, with a difficulty between grade 12 for beginners and grade 24, which is the intermediate level. The Smartie Wall, on the other hand, has been designed especially to cater to children.

SMAC provides 4 packages that suit different ages and every climbing level. “The Introduction” package introduces you to the world you have been missing out on. This package includes 3magic routes with a difficulty level graded between 12 and 16. The second package is “The Confident,” which includes 3 new routes that are more challenging and graded between 16 and 18. Then there is the “The Brave” that has 4 routes with the difficulty level graded between 19 and 23, which allows your courage and ego to shine. SMAC’s last package is the “Belay Certificate,” which allows you to exploit all aspects of climbing, belaying, and abseil of the SMAC wall.

SMAC is based at the Ephelia Resort, with its wall located on the road to the hill side villas next to the resort’s Cayenne Restaurant.

SMAC operates on the wall from 8:00 to 11:30 am and again from 2:30 pm till dark, and bookings can be made at the SMAC office.

The CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, Alain St.Ange, has welcomed this new activity and said that it will form part of the niche activities the Tourism Board is now actively launching to the potential visitors.