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Seychelles islands: another world for a new beginning

Seychelles islands: another world for a new beginning

The tropical islands of the Seychelles are whisking a number of couples from Europe, Africa, the Far East, and Middle East, as well as the Americas, who want to spend not only their honeymoon, but to celebrate the wedding itself in the islands.

The Seychelles are a picture-perfect choice for a dream beach wedding. The numbers of couples who want to spend not only their honeymoon, are taking advantage of all the latest wedding packages that Seychelles has to offer.

The Seychelles Tourism Board spent some time in the company of Mr. and Mrs. Dunn, who had their dream beach wedding on September 29, 2012 in the Seychelles at Anse Forbans.

Mr. Dunn, who is from the United State, and wife, a Syrian by origin, live in Kuwait. Mr. and Mrs. Dunn were happy to share with the Seychelles Tourism Board their amazing experience and perceptions of the Seychelles.

Helping the couple with their beach perfect wedding, was Pastor Vidot from the Full Gospel Assemblies of God, who performed the wedding ceremony.


After the ceremony, Mr. and Mrs. Dunn, including families and friends, enjoyed a dinner party at Villa Bourganville.

“Although occasionally there were short sharp showers, the sun was very much out all day for the wedding. We wanted to come back to Seychelles since we spent our first holiday in the islands in May 2012, as we wanted to visit the rest of the islands. The service we received was second to none. We would also like to thank Pastor Vidot for his assistance from start to finish, and it was truly an amazing feeling,” said Mr. Dunn.

What prompted the couple to have their wedding in Seychelles are the straight-forward formalities. It goes without saying, that they see Seychelles as a beautiful island, and the fact is that Seychelles is a wonderful destination.

“If you asked us where we would like to spend our holiday, I would say Seychelles. It has everything - the sand, sea, and beach. People feel welcome here and can make friends very easy. The people are very friendly, warm, and go out of their way to please the visitors - we think this is the most important aspect,” explained Mr. Dunn.

Mr. and Mrs. Dunn’s happy moments didn’t stop there; they spent their honeymoon on Silhouette and stayed in the luxury of Hilton Labriz Silhouette Seychelles Resort.

Mr. Dunn added that “the island of Silhouette with its traditional house and rich underwater life is especially attractive. The Seychelles has all the natural attributes associated with tropical paradise, a beauty mix of destinations, each with their own personality, beauty, and flavor.”

The couple also spent a few days visiting Praslin island. “We had an incredible time in the Seychelles, and we will revisit the islands, as Seychelles is a very special magical country,” noted Mrs. Dunn.