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Seychelles hotels move to confirm their support for receiving Chinese tourists

Seychelles hotels move to confirm their support for receiving Chinese tourists

Two major Seychelles hotel groups have echoed their desire to work with the Chinese tour operators to receive their clients, and they have between them committed 100 hotel rooms for the next group.

The Constance Hotels Group with their Ephelia&Lemuria Resorts on Mahe and Praslin and the Beachcomber Hotels with their Sainte Anne Resort are forging ahead to support the efforts being done to open that potential market.

Recently, Ethiopian Airlines arrived with a large group of Chinese holiday makers and since then, regular smaller groups have been landing in Seychelles through the different airlines flying to Seychelles. The local DMCs (Destination Management Companies) have also been working on the Chinese Market, and several of them have recently undertaken working visits in China.

This week, the Seychelles Tourism Board China Office is joining in with a group of hotel companies from Mauritius in meetings in China to position Seychelles alongside Mauritius and La Reunion as the new tourism destinations for 2012 at the same time that the Seychelles Tourism Board will be heading a delegation of eleven tourism trade professionals on a working visit to Hong Kong all in a bid to open the Seychelles to the Chinese holiday makers.

“The commitment by three of our main resorts to commit one hundred rooms will encourage the Chinese tour operators in their efforts to promote Seychelles. It is a catch twenty-two situation. Without committed rooms, tour operators are reluctant to invest to promote the destination. Now they can forge ahead and promote fully our islands,” Alain St.Ange, CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board said.


The Seychelles Tourism Board said that they remain committed to work with the local partners and all airlines serving the Seychelles to claim back the island’s share of the French, Italian, and UK markets and that they will work with everyone interested to work to develop new tourist markets for Seychelles. “Seychelles cannot sit and wait for the economy of Europe to get better and for air access to be what we all expect it should be. We need to work all together to reclaim our share of the market from France, Italy, and the UK, but we will also work with tourism partners wanting to diversify their client base by attracting tourists from new destinations,” Alain St.Ange said.

“Every tourist landing in Seychelles and staying in a hotel accommodation is a tourist, which we count on to help consolidate our country’s tourism industry. They are, immaterial from where they come, they are visitors that count for our country, and we need to be happy that we are able as a country to diversify our target markets,” Alain St.Ange ended in saying.