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Seychelles: From the heart of Gondwanaland to center of the world

Seychelles: From the heart of Gondwanaland to center of the world

It has been confirmed that the Seychelles Tourism Board has commissioned a new map of the destination with local graphics designer, Erwin Burian, based on the documentation revealed in an historical book now used as a reference document.
The new Seychelles map is being produced as part of the ongoing Tourism Board campaign to raise awareness of the Seychelles and to stimulate continued interest in the islands as the dream destination. Its publication coincides with the discovery that, according to the book, “Island Africa” by Jonathan Kingdon, Seychelles was once situated at the epicenter of Gondwanaland, the ancient supercontinent that began to break apart 150,000,000 years ago.

As the continents began to drift apart, to claim, over time, their present positions, the Seychelles islands continued to occupy a central position on the world map, which is the case today. With increasing interest being shown in Seychelles as a tourism destination and a center for financial services, Seychelles’ central position in world geography carries many benefits in terms of existing in a time zone whose working hours overlap with those of major financial centers and, in terms of air access, being only one stop from anywhere on the planet. An interesting case of passing “from the heart of Gondwanaland to the center of the world.”

“We often assume that people know far more about Seychelles than they actually do,” commented the Seychelles Tourism Board’s copywriter, Glynn Burridge, “and while the name Seychelles has many connotations and associations as a modern-day Shangri-la, many people are not even sure exactly where the islands are located! Now, if they don’t even know where you are in terms of geography, then they will not know what you represent as a culture or, more importantly, as a tourism destination.”

The new A1 size map is designed to fill this knowledge gap with its striking graphics which, at once, have an “olde worlde” look and feel, while being state-of-the-art in terms of the information they provide. All six island groups are depicted, with the inner islands and certain of the outer islands magnified to show important features such as available transportation and the distances between islands. The map will position Seychelles and in a central position vis-à-vis the rest of the world, while featuring attractive pencil sketches of some of its national icons, such as the coco-de-mer along with other eye-catching design elements.

“We anticipate the map as being faithful to the classic lines of our Tourism Board posters,” remarked Alain St.Ange, CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, “something worthy of being framed and displayed prominently as an object of beauty. Certainly, a lot of thought has gone into this project as we believe our map is destined to become one of our most important, useful, and long-term collateral materials - a map to assist us in our marketing endeavors by ‘putting Seychelles, once and for all, squarely - and centrally - on the world map.’”