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Seychelles’ first international Music Festival - true brand of cultural tourism

Seychelles’ first international Music Festival - true brand of cultural tourism

With the increasing demand of unique destination experiences, Seychelles continues to shape its country’s brand of cultural tourism by unveiling the first edition of the International Music Festival - strings vibration - to be held between May 15-19, 2012.

In a joint press conference with the Organizing Committee of the Zikanzil International Music Festival, the Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture, Alain St.Ange, has highly praised the Zikanzil concept saying that “it appropriately falls within the strong branding of cultural tourism,”

“Zikanzil is one of a kind, an international music festival which showcases the artistic talents of the Seychelles and the Indian Ocean region. It’s a pure and culturally-untamed experience, which establishes bridges, mutual understanding, and creative cooperation between representatives from many countries. It has passed the test of time and the challenges it has faced, and all that remains is for this festival to become a major event of Seychelles’ destination attractiveness.”

Initiated by “Alliance Francaise,” the Seychelles French-based institution promotes cultural diversity and French language. The five day festival will feature a number of Seychelles music’s biggest names with a multi-texture of sounds, namely: Jany de Letourdie, Ralf, David Andre, and Patrick Victor, appearing alongside Emmanuelle Peters&Rene Sida from the Reunion islands, Linda Volahasiniaina alias vola, and the masculine version of Vola, Michel Rafaralahy from Madagascar, and Seychelles’ own Jude Ally, Joel Manglou from Reunion, and Abaji from Lebanon.

The Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture said that “the major reason that makes this festival special is its five-day music extravaganza involving some of the top, most well-known artists.”


The Vice President of Alliance Francaise, Mrs. Marquise David, said that “the annual International Music Festival is set to become a distinctive tourist attraction in Seychelles.

“The Music Festival has the potential to become one of Seychelles’ niche cultural assets. The blend of cultural harmony, which constitutes this festival, showcases the dynamism of our culture. Zikanzil is a platform for cultural exchanges and that of universal language.”