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Seychelles delegation in Hong Kong sees twelve tour operators sign an MOU

Seychelles delegation in Hong Kong sees twelve tour operators sign an MOU

An impressive group of private sector tourism professionals, along with the island’s Ambassador for China and their Tourism Board, are in Hong Kong for a workshop and meetings with Hong Kong

The meeting and workshops were coordinated by Cheng Ning Ning Diana, the successful and influential Consul General of the Seychelles in Hong Kong and Macau. Mrs. Cheng Ning Ning opened the meeting by welcoming all tour operators and by thanking the Seychelles delegation who had traveled to Hong Kong. Ambassador Philippe Le Gall then spoke about the friendly ties that existed between Seychelles and China.

Jean Luc Lai-Lam, the Tourism Attaché at the Seychelles Beijing Embassy, and Mary Jim, the Secretary to the Minister Counselor at the Seychelles Beijing Embassy, coordinated the day’s meeting and workshop.

The Seychelles private sector delegation each took time to present their businesses after Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, had addressed the gathered tour operators. Twelve of the main tour operators of Hong Kong and Macau then decided to sign an MOU with the Seychelles Tourism Board to work to open up the Seychelles as a tourism destination for holiday makers from Hong Kong and Macau.

Individual MOUs with Alain St.Ange were signed by Jason Wong, the Director and General Manager of Hong Thai Travel Services Limited; Vivian Tam, the Manager Tour Operations of Miramar Limited; Pang Tsit Yu Eva, the Assistant General Manager, and Wu Ho Yan of the Outbound Travel Department of China International Services (HK) Holding Limited; Simon Wo, the General Manager of Jetour Holiday (China) Limited; Henry Lai, the Manager, Operations Department of Wincastle Travel (HK) Limited; Isaac Yau, the General Manager, and Kevin Law, the Operations Manager, of Patterson Travel Service; Rick Chau, the General Manager of Nan Hwa (Express) Travel Service Limited; Billy Wong, the Manager of Sun N Sea Holidays; Pat Au, the General Manager of Xpert Holidays; Kwok Ka Man, the Manager of The Travel Services Limited; Chris To, the General Manager of the Global International Tourist Company; and Alvin Lau, the Product Manager of Kuoni Travel (China) Ltd. Members of the Seychelles tourism private sector members present and Ambassador Philippe Le Gall and Consul General Cheng Ning Ning Diana witnessed the signature of the MOUs.


The Seychelles private sector interested to develop the Chinese market and who traveled to Hong Kong for the workshop meeting were: Stephen Kwong of Air Seychelles ([email protected]), Lindy Cadeau of 7 Degrees South DMC [email protected], Guillaume Albert of Creole Travel Services DMC [email protected], Sun Weiwei of Mason’s Travel DMC [email protected], Dereck Savy of Elite Club Limited DMC [email protected], Freddy Karkaria of Select Seychelles DMC [email protected], Carol Tsang of Constance Hotels Experience [email protected], Peter Pomeroy of La Reserve Hotel [email protected], Robert Payet of Le Duc de Praslin Hotel [email protected], Ahmed Kamal of Le Meridien Hotels Seychelles, and Amanda Lang of Desroches Island Resort [email protected].

Alain St.Ange said after the signing ceremony that this was a positive first step for opening Seychelles to the Hong Kong and Macau market. “Seychelles is convinced that it needs to work hard to diversify its market base. We are so appreciative that a solid group of the islands’ private sector are behind the move to launch this working partnership and have today traveled to be in Hong Kong with us. To members of the Seychelles delegation who are in Hong Kong with me, I said this morning that the early bird catches the worm. They have believed in our drive to open China and Hong Kong, and they are here to build on personal contacts; it will not be surprising to see them benefit first directly from this working visit,” Alain St.Ange said.