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Seychelles coast guard rescues 4 Seychellois from hands of pirates

Seychelles coast guard rescues 4 Seychellois from hands of pirates

The Seychelles Coast Guard rescued four Seychellois fishermen on the fishing vessel “Gloria” this morning, that had been captured by Somali pirates yesterday.

Frank Orphe, Bernard Reginald, Beatty Soufe, and Angelin Dorizo are on their way back to Mahé following the rescue operation, where seven Somali pirates were captured.

On Tuesday, April 19, the Seychelles Coast Guard received a distress call from an unknown fishing vessel that was later identified as a local fishing vessel “Gloria.”

Seychelles President James Michel, the Commander in Chief of the Seychelles People’s Defense Forces, immediately ordered a rescue mission for the fishermen and the Seychelles Coast Guard vessels Andromache and La Flèche, as well as a fast response boat, together with the SPDF with Tazar personel, and the Indian Dornier surveillance aircraft were launched in the operation.

On the evening of April 19, a discreet approach was made by the Seychelles Coast Guard vessels towards the “Gloria,” while tracking the vessel on radar. The Seychelles Coast Guard made several radio calls ordering the “Gloria” to stop, but no response was received from the pirates.


The Coast Guard and Tazar then launched an operation at first light this morning, which resulted in the rescue of the four Seychellois fishermen and the capture of the suspected pirates. The operation was conducted approximately 150 nautical miles Northeast of Mahé.

One Seychellois fisherman, Bernard Reginald, was wounded during the operation, together with three Somali suspected pirates. They are being transferred to Mahé for medical treatment at Seychelles Hospital today.

The other fishermen and the captured suspected pirates are expected to arrive on Mahé tomorrow morning.