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Saint Lucia unveils new ambassador programme

Saint Lucia unveils new ambassador programme

The government of Saint Lucia has announced the names of twelve new goodwill ambassadors and nine as brand ambassadors.

Speaking on behalf of the government during a press briefing, minister for culture and creative industries, Fortuna Belrose, said that cabinet had ratified the proposal which came out of the Cultural Development Foundation last year.

A committee was appointed to establish the terms and references for the programme which is now finalised.

“The Saint Lucia goodwill ambassadors programme is proposed as a tool to actualize the national cultural policy in a number of key areas,” Belrose stated.

“They are citizens of Saint Lucia who have achieved international acclaim and the overall objective of the programme is to serve as a catalyst for socio-economic transformation and the development of human capital in all sectors related to the creative arts and the industries, sports, visual arts, gastronomy and music.”


The ambassadors, all of whom are St Lucian, are expected to represent the island locally, regionally and internationally by leveraging their profile and celebrity status to tap into access for growth and to forge strategic partnership between the Cultural Development Foundation and other related agencies.

In announcing the ambassadors Belrose noted that it was important to ensure that there is a clear pathway for our young upcoming artistes to leverage their talent and for us as a country to be able to recognise them.

“It is imperative that such citizens be recognized and allowed to leverage their profile/celebrity status to locate ad access opportunities for the growth and development of Saint Lucia in their respective sectors.

“Given that culture helps to shape the uniqueness of a destination the brand ambassadors program will provide the platform to identify individuals who are best placed to create local and international awareness of our culture, arts and creative industries,” the minister added.

Following the official acceptance by the nineteen individuals, the ministry of culture and creative industries will be hosting an official ceremony at which time all of the official instruments will be conferred on the goodwill and brand ambassadors.