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Reunion showcases its culture and people at the Carnival in Seychelles

Reunion showcases its culture and people at the Carnival in Seychelles

The mid-ocean island of La Reunion in the Indian Ocean, a co-organizer of the “Carnaval International de Victoria” that is staged annually in the Seychelles, used their carnival parade to showcase their culture and diversity of their people.

La Reunion was proud to show off their people to the world, a journalist said at the press conference during the carnival in Seychelles. They remain, until now, the tropical island that has remained in the shadows of their island neighbors, the Seychelles and Mauritius. The carnival is the event that has now really given the opportunity for La Reunion to move into the tourism arena. The access La Reunion has had to the international press covering the carnival will have an unprecedented impact on the visibility of this island across the world. The French island of the Indian Ocean had for many years remained dependent only on France as its tourist market, but the new administration is seeking to diversify their market, which will help increase visitor arrival numbers to the island.

La Reunion has a very rich culture and a great population that lives happily without difficulties based on color, religion, or politics. They are a very rich destination in their own rights, and they were complimented by tourism professionals and by the large armada of press who were in Seychelles for the 2012 “Carnaval International de Victoria.”

La Reunion’s political leaders, led by President Didier Robert, attended the carnival in the Seychelles with a strong contingent of islanders from all walks of life.