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Improving your fitness during a holiday may seem quite the opposite of a relaxing break, but getting away from the daily grind and doing some energetic and revitalising exercise can be the perfect re-charge. It’s all about using your free time away to allow you to indulge in the things you can’t always fit into your normal routine. So, have look at’s 10 ideas for the perfect active holiday, each one guaranteed to give you your fitness fill!

1. Windsurfing & Sailing: Windsurfing is usually the more challenging of the two because you are always standing up and heaving on the rig; coordination and strength are the primary benefits - the more wind the better. Combining with the beach aspect of a holiday means you can’t lose!

2. Skiing & Snowboarding: As well as being great fun, a holiday on the piste can be tailored to a wide range of fitness levels and brings CV, strength and coordination benefits. A week on the slopes will really tone the legs and bum.

3. Walking & Trekking: You can head to some of the most beautiful places in the world and combine a sightseeing holiday with a great CV strength and full-body workout by walking or trekking seriously. Include a fully loaded backpack and you are going to be doing a serious daily workout!

4. Cycling: Like walking, cycling can take you to some amazing places. It’s a great fun holiday and good for the whole family. Perfect to boost your CV fitness and build leg strength of course.


5. Relaxing at the beach: Yes - believe it or not, if you are a regular fitness fanatic then a week relaxing allows your body to recover from the cumulative effect of exercise. A week on the beach will allow you to bounce back to it when you head home!

6. Surfing & Bodyboarding: A fantastic way to keep fit whilst being in the sea and the sun. Both these sports need a good all-round level of fitness and help with CV fitness, strength and coordination.

7. Golfing: A very popular holiday activity and ensuring that you are doing the full 18 holes will maximise the impact a round can have on your fitness levels. Some courses are more demanding than others, but a good golfing break is guaranteed to maximise your CV fitness.

8. Scuba Diving: A diving holiday is a fantastic way to explore a generally unseen underwater world and is an activity which requires a useful blend of CV fitness, strength, coordination and flexibility.

9. Horse Riding: Equestrian sports like horse riding don’t necessarily seem like they are good for fitness, but after a week’s horse riding there will be muscles aching that you never thought existed.

10. Sport Specific - Nowadays you can choose running camps, triathlon camps and many other sporting disciplines. All are tailor-made to be a specialised holiday, focused on improving your ability in chosen sports - the perfect way to complement your lifestyle.