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Rama Rebbapragada Chairman of the Asia Cruise Association on trends in the Asian marketplace

Rama Rebbapragada Chairman of the Asia Cruise Association on trends in the Asian marketplace

Cruise Shipping Asia-Pacific –conference and trade show focusing on the emerging Asian-Pacific cruise industry— interviews Rama Rebbapragada, Chairman of the Asia Cruise Association and supporter of the Cruise Shipping Asia-Pacific show. The Asia Cruise Association (ACA) is a leading cruise association dedicated to the development and promotion of the cruise industry in the Asia-Pacific region. Mr. Rebbapragada will be speaking at Cruise Shipping Asia-Pacificat the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore from September 17-18, 2012.

Rama Rebbapragada, Chairman of the Asia Cruise Association, describes the opportunities to come in the rapidly growing Asian Cruise marketplace.

What do you see as the major opportunities in your market in the next 2 years?
RR: The continuing popularity of cruising as a mainstream vacation option within Asia coupled by the increased deployment of newer and larger ships into the region. The continuing growth in South East Asia and China and the re-emergence of markets such as Japan, not only as a destination but as source markets present huge opportunities for cruising in Asia.

Among the challenges the industry faces, which do you think are the most pressing?
RR: Port infrastructure development to accommodate large ships in ports of call within South East Asia and Japan is the most pressing challenge. CIQ and guest visa regulations in North Asia and certain supply chain related issues are also areas that needed to be addressed to make Asia a cruise industry friendly region. Travel agent training and increasing the number of travel agents selling cruises in Asia is another pressing need for the industry.

What do you believe are the most creative solutions to these challenges?
RR: Encouraging private investment in port development with certain incentives similar to what is going on in Europe should help smaller ports get upgraded faster to accommodate the increased capacity in the region. Partnering with tourism boards, trade associations and adapting industry certified training modules and customizing them to the local needs would help address the lack of knowledge on selling cruising within the trade community.


The Cruise Shipping Asia-Pacific Conference and Exhibition
Rama Rebbapragada, Chairman of the Asia Cruise Association,will be speaking on topics such as these at Cruise Shipping Asia-Pacific conference at the Marina Bay Sands, Singapore from September 17-18, 2012.The conference will highlight the expanding infrastructure within the entire Asia-Pacific region. Plenary sessions will begin with a state of the industry discussion and be complimented by discussions on new build, refurbishment and refitting, destination planning and development and reaching the burgeoning Asian customer market. In-depth discussion on customer experience, travel agent engagement, government involvement and ports and development will be featured in the masterclasses.

Other world-renowned cruise experts speaking at Cruise Shipping Asia-Pacific include: Ann Sherry, CEO of Carnival Australia, Gianni Onorato, President, Costa Crociere, Roberto Giorgi, President, V.Ships, and Rama Rebbapregada, Associate Vice President, International Charters, Consumer Outreach & Business Development, Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited and Chairman of the Asia Cruise Association speaking on the key drivers for industry growth.