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Queensland launches scUber Great Barrier Reef submarine experience

Queensland launches scUber Great Barrier Reef submarine experience

Authorities in Queensland have partnered with Uber to launch a new submarine experience on the Great Barrier Reef.

Guests will be able to hail scUber, branded as the first rideshare submarine experience in the world, from Monday in order to head to the iconic Australian destination.

For a limited time only, scUber riders will gain exclusive access to the world’s largest ecosystem, renowned as a biodiverse playground, rich in marine life and offering remarkable underwater experiences.

scUber will be available for a limited number of riders to request through the Uber app and riders will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the exquisite beauty of the Great Barrier Reef – all without the need for a snorkelling mask or a diving license.

Tourism & Events Queensland chief executive, Leanne Coddington, commented on the significance of the partnership with Uber in helping put the spotlight back on the reef.

“In late 2018, consumer research identified that exploring the Great Barrier Reef in a submarine was the most desired future travel experience sought by visitors.

“scUber makes this wish a reality and reaffirms Queensland tourism’s commitment to providing locals and visitors alike with truly remarkable ways to explore nature’s wonderland.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Uber to showcase the beauty of the reef through this innovative experience.

“In addition, we’re giving several adventure seeking travellers from around the globe, the chance to win a scUber experience for two as part of a global travel competition launched today.”

The scUber experience will be available starting on Heron Island, off the coast of Gladstone in the Southern Great Barrier Reef region from May 27th, before moving to Agincourt Reef off the coast of Port Douglas in Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef region from June 9th.

The scUber experience will cost AUD$3,000 (£1,600) for two riders.