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Emirates to double capacity on Melbourne route

Emirates to double capacity on Melbourne route

Emirates has announced a second daily flight on its Dubai-Melbourne route, served by its flagship A380.

Starting May 1st, the airline will offer customers fourteen weekly services from Dubai to Melbourne. 

The expansion of services is supported by the Victorian government to help fast-track the return of international flights to Melbourne and bring more visitors to the state.

Emirates’ additional daily flight will depart Dubai daily at 10:05, arriving in Melbourne at 05:30 the next day.

From Melbourne, the flight will depart at 05:15 and arrive in Dubai at 13:10.


The additional flight will join the existing service which flies daily from Dubai, departing at 02:40 and arriving at 21:50 in Melbourne.

From Melbourne, the flight departs at 21:15 and is scheduled to arrive in Dubai at 05:15 the next day.

The addition of the second daily A380 service will also offer customers more convenience with the option of choosing a morning or evening flight, for optimal onwards connection opportunities when they stop in Dubai.

Before the pandemic, international flights brought more than 3.1 million visitors to Victoria each year and injected $8.8 billion into the economy.

Emirates carried 22 per cent of the 1.3 million passengers that arrived in Victoria from key European countries such as Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Switzerland, which added $86 million to the Victorian economy in 2019.