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Preferred Hotels to launch International Pineapple Week

Preferred Hotels to launch International Pineapple Week

Preferred Hotels & Resorts will launch International Pineapple Week tomorrow, a multi-channel celebration of the symbolism behind its logo, the pineapple.

Running from June 1st-9th, the event aims to raise wider awareness of the brand.

It will showcase a series of interactive initiatives be offered at member hotels around the world, presented on a dedicated microsite.

It will also be promoted via social media using #PreferredPineappleWeek.

“Throughout the 15 years since my family took ownership of the Preferred brand, I have had the great fortune of witnessing first-hand the warm welcome and consistently thoughtful approach to hospitality that is offered to guests staying at any of the one-of-a-kind, independent member hotels within our portfolio – an experience that is represented through the symbolism of our pineapple logo,” said Lindsey Ueberroth, chief executive of Preferred Hotels & Resorts.


“With International Pineapple Week, we seek to inspire travellers by connecting them to hotels that can serve as their local guide in their chosen destination, demonstrating that when they see our brand pineapple at the entrance, they know that they will have an authentic, personalised and memorable experience.”

As the story goes, the pineapple became the emblem of hospitality more than 500 years ago when seafarers sought places to relax in port towns and would look for homes that had pineapples hung in their entrance, a signal that those friendly locals would welcome them for a meal or place to sleep.

Since then, the pineapple has been used to express that ‘you are welcome here’ in a multitude of ways including depictions in monuments and the designs of doors, gates, and entryways across cities worldwide.

With a rich history of inspiring travel and independent hospitality for more than 51 years, Preferred Hotels & Resorts utilises the pineapple as its brand logo to serve as a global guide for travellers, visually signifying that ‘you are welcome’ and inviting them to enjoy personalised and genuine luxury experiences across its portfolio of 750 one-of-a-kind, independent hotels and resorts in 85 countries.