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New Seychelles yacht charter company successfully establishes itself in Port Victoria

New Seychelles yacht charter company successfully establishes itself in Port Victoria

Seychelles is emerging as an excellent charter destination exploring the islands onboard luxury yachts. The islands’ spectacular coastline, its pristine beaches, and its secluded bays are perfectly combined to charm high-spending discerning visitors, families, and businessman in exploring Seychelles in style and comfort.

At the Seychelles Wharf Hotel&Marina, a luxury yacht for charter is named uShaka. This spectacular 43-foot Riveria is today elegantly moored at the hotel’s marina. UShaka is an impressive South African-owned modern vessel that is operating under the Seychelles Yacht Charter Company. The luxury cruiser boasts an aura of real elegance. UShaka has for the past eight years sailed the Seychelles waters providing its South African and mostly European clients the most beautiful holiday experience.

The same Seychelles Yacht Charter Company also has Nkalindau, a spectacular 60-foot “Fountain Pajot Catamaran” flooded with natural lights and exquisite interior design. This boat is newly introduced to Seychelles and is one of the most powerful vessels in the flotilla. It brought an added luxury boost to Seychelles Yacht Charter Company.

Lynn Gower, the Marketing&Sales Officer of the Seychelles Yacht Charter Company, recently invited Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture, for a guided tour on uShaka and Nkalindau for a first-hand experience of their products as both boats were in port.

The company’s Marketing&Sales Officer, Lynn Gower, explained that the Seychelles Yacht Charter Company offers its clients a “shadow program,” meaning that they can stay on Nkalindau and go out fishing, diving, and engage in different water sport activities on the uShaka.


“This is a very personalized service that we give to our clients. The company’s workers go out of their way to give our clients a flexible and accommodating service all year round. This contributes to our reputation as one of the best companies on the island,” said Lynn Gower.

Lynn Gower said that Seychelles has the potential to become a top destination for luxury yacht charters.

“The marketing of Seychelles is more centered on land services. I strongly believed that the yacht industry is an amazing product that Seychelles could tap into. Seychelles is blessed to be surrounded with kilometers of crystal clear lagoons, variable products that we could sell to attract more clients to our shores seeking an island-hopping experience on board a yacht,” outlined Lynn Gower, the Marketing&Sales Officer of Seychelles Yacht Charter Company.

The Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture touring of the uShaka and Nkalindau was to above all see the different aspects of the local yacht industry, the services and facilities that they offered as the islands’ “floating hotels.”

The Minister said that he was pleasantly surprised by the products on offer. “Our islands were conceived with sailors in mind, and we need to make this amazing unique selling point known far and wide. Seychelles needs to use all its natural assets, and our clear and clean turquoise blue seas remains an asset we have yet to put forward with more drive,” Minister St.Ange said.