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Montserrat moves into digital age with new app

Montserrat moves into digital age with new app

The Caribbean island of Montserrat has been further exposed to the world of technology and now boasts its own application on the Apple App Store as GoMNI.

Developed by Lavabits in collaboration with the Montserrat Tourist Board, the application is available on all major smart phone operating systems, which include users of the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

GoMNI is an iPhone application that aims to make the planning, travel, as well as the stay in Montserrat a much more seamless and enjoyable experience for any visitor to the island by providing an interactive guide, featuring a detailed listing of hotels, guesthouses, villas, restaurants, bars, and clubs.

Visitors will have the option to browse the handy map feature, which shows their location in relation to these places on the island. 

They will also be able to browse through the photo library.

GoMNI also features an up-to-date event listing showing, updated flight and ferry schedules, the ability to share your thoughts and pictures via Facebook and a comprehensive green pages listing.

Lush green and mountainous, Montserrat lies in the Eastern Caribbean chain of Leeward Islands.

It can be reached from neighbouring Antigua in less than 20 minutes by plane or one hundred and twenty minutes by ferry.

For more information about Montserrat visit the official website.