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Mantis Group teams with Grand Towers for Abuja hotel

Mantis Group teams with Grand Towers for Abuja hotel

Answering a need for executive boutique accommodation in Nigeria’s bustling and growing city hubs, the Mantis Group had teamed up with hotel owners Grand Towers to develop a property in the capital, Abuja.

Developments are at an advanced stage, with the luxury boutique hotel set to offer an influx of high-end business travellers the opportunity to stay in beautifully-appointed, service oriented and world-class accommodation.

Grand Towers and The Mantis Group, under the management of Patrick Shorten who has 35 years experience in hospitality, plan to develop over a dozen luxurious boutique properties, starting with Abuja then moving into Lagos and other frequently visited cities and locations within the country.

The first hotel is due to open on the 1st of October to coincide with Nigeria’s Independence Day celebrations.

“We are delighted to be able to expand into this new part of our beautiful continent, and we look forward to answering a growing demand for exclusive boutique accommodation in this growing and untapped market,” said Mantis Group chief executive Adrian Gardiner.

As each hotel is completed, the Mantis Group will market and manage these properties, making use of their global sales, marketing and PR offices in the key source markets of the world, such as the UK, USA and Europe.

Nze Chidi Duru, chairman of Grand Towers praised the partnership, stating: “It is an exciting time to bring into Nigeria the best of class hospitality management group.”

Grand Towers is a leading holding company with investments in real estate, communications, IT, pension funds and the hospitality industry.

Nigerian Connection

The economy of Nigeria since 1960 is mainly petroleum based.

Oil exports account for 65 per cent of government revenues but 70 per cent of Nigeria’s labour force is employed in agriculture.

Agriculture is the second biggest industry after oil and accounts for 27 per cent of GDP.

Recent growth areas also include banking and telecommunications, all of which have contributed to an expanding need for hospitality establishments that service both local and international high end investors.

The Mantis Group is a proud member of the Preferred Boutique Hotels.