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La Perle by Dragone set for debut in Dubai

The excitement has started to build for La Perle by Dragone, the Middle East’s first permanent show, with the arrival of the creative team, technicians and cast members.

Over the next month 35 creative team members, 70 highly skilled technicians along with 65 world-class artists will descend on Al Habtoor City, Dubai to begin creating this spectacular show in the state of the art aqua theatre.

The theatre itself is an architectural marvel, having been under construction over the last three years, it will house the most incredible technical resources in order to create a show of such magnitude.

Franco Dragone, founder, Dragone said: “The theatre we have built is not just a theatre, it’s an incredible machine.

“It’s like a special spaceship or more like an A380 plane which I have to fly!”

Dragone declared Dubai is the perfect place for such futuristic live entertainment.

He explained: “Dubai is the laboratory of the future, a crossroads of cultures where 21st century people live.

“In Dubai, we are living and experiencing what will happen in the world in ten-20 years from now, it’s a city of the future, so that is why Dubai is the right place to do this show.”

La Perle will preview mid-2017, with 450 performances a year – two shows per day, five days a week.

In the show, the cast will be performing breath-taking aqua and aerial feats in the tailor-made, state of the art, intimate 1,300 seat theatre.

The theatre itself will feature an ‘aqua-stage’ filled with 2.7 million litres of water and will have the ability to change from a dry platform to aquatic stage and vice versa. Daredevil performers will dive from a height of 35 metres and fly around the auditorium on high-powered winches at a speed 15 km/h.

La Perle will be a visually stunning spectacle in, on and above water with cutting edge stagecraft and state of the art technology fused together.
Mohammed Al Habtoor, vice chairman and chief executive, Al Habtoor Group said: “We are creating not just a holiday destination, but a lifestyle destination for world-class theatre.

“We are witnessing the creation of La Perle in a unique and spectacular environment, and raising the bar in the global entertainment industry as a whole.”

La Perle is a new show produced by cultural creative company Dragone, from the mind of legendary artistic director Franco Dragone and brought to Dubai by the Al Habtoor Group.

The production itself will be created in Dubai and will embody the spirit of Arabia. As the future of live entertainment, La Perle will be unmissable - a one of a kind theatre experience the likes of which have never been seen before.

Group and MICE Bookings are being accepted now with individual tickets going on sale to the travel trade and general public soon.

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